Reporting standards applied

[GRI102-52], [GRI 102-54]

The Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (the “Statement” or the “CNFS”) for the Mediobanca Group (the “Group”), drawn up in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of Italian Legislative Decree 254/16 (the “Decree”), contains information on environmental, social and staff-related issues and on human rights and measures to tackle bribery and corruption, of use to provide an understanding of the activities performed by the Group, its performance, results and the impact produced by it.

The Statement, which will be published annually, has been drawn up in accordance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 254/16 and in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards (the “GRI Standards”) published in 2016 by the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI), which are currently the most widely used and internationally-recognized standards in non-financial reporting.

To facilitate stakeholders in locating information within the document, the GRI Content Index is reproduced on p. 93. References to the GRI indicators are provided in the text in order to facilitate understanding, using the symbol [GRI N.].

The non-financial reporting contained in the Statement reflects the principle of materiality, or relevance, one of the prerequisites set down by the regulations and a key feature of the GRI Standards. Accordingly, the issues presented in the Statement are the ones which, following the materiality analysis described on p. 27 of the CNFS, are considered relevant in terms of being able to reflect the social and environmental impact of the Group’s activities or influence the decisions of its stakeholders.

Account has also been taken of the following principles for the purposes of the reporting

Stakeholder inclusiveness
the expectations and interests of all stakeholders, i.e. parties which on various grounds contribute to or are otherwise affected by the Group’s activities, are taken into consideration Sustainability context the results of the non-financial reporting have been presented taking into account the social and economic context in which the Group operates and the main issues in the sector of which it forms part

the issues reported on and the scope of the Statement enable stakeholders to make a full judgement of the Group’s principal social and environmental impacts

Balance between positive and negative aspects
the Statement presents the Group’s main non-financial performances, describing aspects in which the Group shows positive results and trends, and areas which reflect margins for further improvement

the indicators have been used in such a way as to allow results to be constructed and reconstructed over time, thus allowing performance to be monitored on an ongoing basis Accuracy the reporting has been based on data recorded directly, limiting the use of estimates as far as possible

the Statement is prepared annually and published in the same period as the consolidated financial statements

all the data and information shown have been validated by the heads of the relevant company units and have been processed on the basis of substantiated evidence which is sufficient to prove the existence, completeness and accuracy of such data and information

the Mediobanca Group’s Disclosure contains information presented in a way that is understandable and accessible to all the organization’s range of stakeholders