Relevant policies and risks

[GRI 102-11], [GRI 102-15], [GRI 103-1], [GRI 103-2]

The Mediobanca Group gears its decisions towards ensuring compatibility between economic initiative and environmental requirements in accordance with the regulations and codes of conduct in force. The Group, as stated in the Group Sustainability Policy, is sensitive to the need to protect the environment as the primary resource of human well-being and acknowledges its impact on the environment, direct and indirect, identifying and assessing the risks associated and seeking to promote sustainable business through its own initiatives intended to limit impact related to its business.

The Mediobanca Group is aware of the importance of identifying and managing non-financial risks such as environmental risks. For this reason it adopts an approach which seeks to identify, assess, prevent and reduce potential risks deriving not only from its own activities but also from

  • Indirect impacts on the environment, i.e. linked to the supply chain
  • Investments and loans to counterparties involved in serious events which entail adverse environmental impacts

For a more detailed analysis of the supply chain and responsible financial investing, reference is made to the relevant sections.

With reference to assets covered by leasing contracts which return to the company’s ownership (e.g. because they have not been redeemed or have been collected following contract terminations), all necessary measures are taken to mitigate any environmental risks. The services of leading companies specializing in decontamination and waste disposal are used to perform such activities.


Material issuesRisks identified by MediobancaMitigation activity
Energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Climate change, use, selection and management of resources, use of non-renewable sources and energy inefficiencies

  • Gradual replacement of old systems with new, last-generation, high-efficiency equipment
  • Sourcing of recycled materials and energy from renewable sources
  • Raising awareness among users

Management of direct and indirect environmental impact of business

Environmental security of properties deriving from credit recovery activities or leasing contracts

  • Adoption of all measures necessary to mitigate any environmental risks present; in particular, to perform such activities, SelmaBipiemme uses the services of leading companies specializing in decontamination and waste disposal activities
  • Adoption of the Code of Ethics